A Blank Check For Your Safety

Through C911, we hope to make the world a safer place from crime by sending instantaneous calls for help to emergency contacts, law enforcement, and people within a certain vicinity of the victim’s phone.

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The Cause

In the United States alone, A child goes missing every 40 seconds and is sexually assaulted every 8 minutes. Half of the children that go missing are sexually assaulted, and 76% of abducted children die within the first 3 hours. According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, 90,000 people are missing in the US at any given time on average. According to FBI Crime statistics, over 1 million violent, or nonsexual, crimes occurred in 2015. The prevalence of these crimes is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. Living in fear makes the predators win. It's time for us to turn around and support people in times of need and put an end to this horrible reality. To prevent future crimes such as these, we need a solution. We need C911.

What's the issue with current apps?

Existing applications require the user to open the phone, revealing a bright screen that exposes the attempt to call for help. This is a problem because it may interfere with the completion of the call/text, leaving the victim with no method of obtaining help from other people. Others only contact 911 or emergency contacts that are very far away. This means that by the time support arrives at the scene of the crime, it may have already happened.

Samsung phone with our app screen

The Solution

C911 works from the lock screen of your phone and accesses the calling/texting capabilities of the device. When activated through motion sensor, it will work like an amber alert and text people within a radius of the phone (GPS), police institutions, and emergency contacts about the location of the individual.

An app like this ensures that friends, family, and officials are informed of the dangers that surround their loved ones. On many occasions, people are kidnapped with no ability to contact anyone for help due to the rapid succession of events during a hypothetical crime. With C911, the action is performed immediately and uses GPS functions to send the location of the individual. This allows for the quickest response which increases the potential to save lives.
How do you activate the app? To activate the app, hold down the two volume buttons on your phone for 5 consecutive seconds. A black screen should appear on your screen. Tap and hold to send a message.


A Dark Screen

When in imminent danger, the appearance of a light from the screen notifies the attacker of the attempt to call for help. A black screen prevents such a situation.

False Pin

In the event that the attacker notices the attempt to call/text for help, and they force the victim to stop the signal, a false pin may be inputted that brings up a cancellation screen that placates the attacker.

Location Detection

The app updates the emergency contact and the police of any changes of location within 5 seconds

Directional Signalling

When the location is entered into the GPS, the specificity of the victim’s location is not disclosed. In order to overcome this flaw, a feature of directional signalling that comes from the phone shows the direction (front/back/right/left) of where the crime is occurring.

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